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Fairly Odd Captain Marvel

Hey there folks, friends, fans, etc., how's it going? Tonight we are bringing out Captain Marvel. Being in Fairy World, this guy can kick some serious mad arse, more than he already does. Anyways, let us get back into finishing this usual paragraph. Let us know what you guys think of Captain Marvel's appearance or suggestions that you guys think are helpful. Remember, I am human too and I would also like to improve in order to bring you the best of my abilities. If you are thinking on coming back to visit sometime, then why not subscribe today, so you can be notified of the new releases. We are on both Facebook and on Twitter, you will see many ways to get you to those pages throughout this site. If you like what we do and would like to support this project and many more to come, help us by donating a minimum of two dollars. Each contribution will be placed into all the future content that we bring to you. I want to give you guys a personal thanks on behalf of Odd World Pixels, for visiting. Wether you are a first time visitor or the often one, we appreciate you.

- Chris Lopez (Founder & Artist)

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