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Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Hello everyone, we have a great release tonight, Captain Marvel. I decided to go with the Carol Danvers version, because I have not done female characters in a while and it was about time. This one came out almost too perfect. I worked a lot on the design for the costume, so that it can match up pretty close to the real one. Hopefully you guys like it. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Also, check us out on our Facebook and Twitter page, thanks.

Moon Knight

Hey guys, I was finally free to work on another release, which is the Moon Knight. I was just thinking about this character the other day and thought it would be fun to see him here. It took me about two hours to complete. I am pushing to be able to complete these guys at a faster rate. The rhino actually took about 3 hours, because of his awesome boots.. I personally want to release tons and tons of more characters. The faster that I can create them, the better the numbers here. Anyways, thanks for checking us out again. Take a look at what we are up to on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Thanks and have a great night sleep folks..

The Rhino

What's up guys? Another great release for today, the rhino. I was thinking about making him for a while. He is a very complex character to make. He is based off the ultimate version and the one from the 90's cartoon, plus a bit off of my own taste. Tell me what you think of his design. I want to thank you guys for coming to see what's new here. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Have an awesome night folks.

The 11th Doctor

Hey everyone, I'm glad to be back and working again. I have been on break for almost a year now, but I am back and going to continue creating more characters. The only major change this time will be that all the new characters will no longer be released with a crown and wings. They will all just be released in this drawn style. 
I chose the 11th doctor for today, because I got into the new series of Doctor Who last year. I liked the 10th and the 11th doctor. I may end up doing the 10th and some other Doctor Who characters as well. Thanks for stopping by and check us out on Twitter and on Facebook. Have a great day.